Вакансия - Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Position: Marketing Manager

Portfolio: Hospital products

Promotion: Hospital, Retail, Modern trade, Digital

Subordination: Directly reports to Marketing Director

Subordinates: 2 PMs.

Your area of responsibility:

1. Development and realization Localization strategy in Russia

Development performance of marketing strategy in the hospital direction in the Company on the basis of the analysis of consumer properties of the sold products and forecasting of the consumer demand and market conditions;

2. Strategy determination of activities for promotion of goods and services, organization its implementation;

3. Directly involvement in strategy development of activities of the Company and perfection of its organizational structure;

4. Management of carrying out researches of the major factors creating dynamics of the consumer demand on products of the Company, a reference of the demand and supply on similar types of products, technical and other consumer qualities of the competing products;

5. Carrying out and organization realization the presentations of a product to the staff of sales office and marketing, thematic seminars (professional consultation about consumer properties and product qualities), actively participation in work of the methodological centers, cooperation with the Opinion leaders; organization and holding the training webinars, master classes; materials preparation for training at a portal;

6. Performance of double visits on the focal cities for the purpose of training, control and the help in implementation of marketing strategy on a product. Based on visits makes reports and recommendations to the employee and his head.

7. Price policy development of on a product, determination sales terms of goods (system of discounts and privileges to separate groups of buyers);

8. Participation providing of department in creation of perspective and current plans of sales of products, determination of the new markets and new consumers of products;

9. Determination and submit for approval to the Marketing director, Sales directors, and then the CEO three years' and annual marketing strategy, an annual marketing plan, an assortment matrix on the hospital sales channel, amounts and structure of the marketing budget of the division (quarterly, annually and in case of need - for the specified period) and responsibility bearing for accomplishment of marketing plans and for efficiency of an expenditure of budget funds of the division;

10. General activities determination of division within common targets and tasks of the Company, and also on the basis of instructions of the Marketing director and CEO and bearing all completeness of responsibility for results of activities of division;

11. Coordination activities of all functional divisions for collection and the analysis of commercial and economic information, creation of a databank for a hospital segment (market capacity, data of competitors, specifications, a stock availability on hospital products, etc.);

12. In case of need carrying out special marketing efforts in coordination with a management in accomplishment of this work of staff of other divisions of the Company, creating temporary groups of experts on single marketing questions and management of their work;

13. Discussion organization of results of researches and practical activities in the field of marketing;

14. Studying organization of opinion of consumers on products of the Company, its influence on sales of products and preparation of offers on increase of its competitiveness and quality;

15. Control fulfillment of timely remedial action, specified in the claims and claims arriving from consumers, motivation of a certain relation of consumers to products of the Company;

16. Organization of strategy development of carrying out promotion activities for informing clients and expansion of the markets;

17. The brand book of the Company, the Law on advertising controls observance of a corporate style;

18. Bearing the responsibility for providing sales office with all necessary technical and advertising documentation;

19. Participation together with other departments in development of offers and recommendations about change of technical, economic and other product characteristics for the purpose of improvement of its consumer qualities and sales promotion;

20. Management of the employees of division specified in item 1.4; determination of the purposes and tasks of employees on a future period, controls their accomplishment;

21. Independently or by means of the staff of the division is directly involved in preparation of offers to large customers, the trade - marketing activity together with Sales directors participates negotiation process, planning;

22. Determination of responsibility zones, the purpose and a task in the division, making necessary changes and additions to work and obligations of subordinate employees according to the arising tasks; taking operational measures for the solution of specific objectives;

23. Determination of a payment procedure of work of subordinates, encouragement following the results of work within the motivational system existing in the Company, bearing responsibility for maintenance of discipline in division, etc.;

24. Annually (and upon the demand of the CEO at any time for any period of time) information providing on activities of division;

25. Engagement in advanced training of staff of department and own qualification;

26. Support a planning system and the reporting, agreement to the standards accepted by the company – to provide the monthly report to heads of all divisions no later than the 7th date of the following behind reporting.

27. Monthly in the order established by the Company providing the plan of marketing activity for 2 months ahead, monthly controlling relevance of price lists of the company, quarterly – a corridor of the prices of the Company;

28. Performance of business trips planning, double visits of the division to the focal cities chosen together with Sales directors.

29. Participation in the international Working and Project teams relating to the division, conferences, meetings and bearing responsibility for provision on behalf of the LLC Paul Hartmann company of correct and reliable data;

30. Quarterly information preparation for Plan Review Meeting together with other divisions of the company;

31. Quarterly data providing on the market in head office of the company on the order established by head office and a form (on demand);

32. Participation in preparation for localization of production and registration of products;

What we are looking for:

1. University degree in Medicine/Pharmacy

2. MBA is a plus

3. Experience at a similar position of 3 years

4. Brilliant knowledge of Hospital Market (market, clients, competitors etc)

5. Excellent written and oral English

6. Excellent communicative skills

7. Strong analytical skills

88. Initiative, responsibility and duty performance

What we offer:

1. Salary + annual bonus

2. Corporate car

3. Volantury health insurance.

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